Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak tells the story of young Edith Cushing, ( Mia Wasikowska) the privileged daughter of a self-made industrialist, who is visited by her mothers  ghost and is given a warning to “beware the crimson peak”. This is about as much horror, as you are going to get from this movie.

Soon after the movie starts, Edith meets Thomas and Lucille Sharpe, ( Hiddleston and Chastain) brother and sister who have come from England, in search of investors for their clay mine. Soon after her fathers mysterious death, Edith marries Thomas and moves with him and his sister, to their dilapidated mansion in England. From there on, the movie continues on as more of a gothic romance, with small horror references.

cp the couple

The best part about this movie is its set design and cinematography, which is to be expected with any Guillermo Del Toro movie. From the early American victorian style, to the gothic english mansion, everything is made to look intriguing and alluring. We spend most of the movie inside the mysterious halls of the mansion, slowly uncovering all of its secrets and mysteries.

lobby cinematography

The story in itself is nothing out of the ordinary, but its Jessica Chastains interpretation of her character, that really keeps us interested. Right from the beginning, you get a sense that theres something not quite right with her and with every line she utters, you become more and more intrigued as to what her real agenda is. Not to say that Tom Hiddleston and Mia Wasikowska did not do a good job. Its just that I feel like the Lucille Sharpe character had more depth, than the other characters did.

peeking in cinematography

cp creepy sister

Fair warning, Crimson Peak is not a horror movie, it is a gothic romance wrapped in a mystery. Overall the movie is really good, mainly in part to Jessica Chastain. If you are planning on watching it in theaters, I suggest you watch it in Imax, so you can truly experience the world Guillermo Del Toro has recreated for us.

Post by: Raquel Justiniani