Scream Queens

Scream Queens is the latest T.V show from Glee and American Horror Story producers, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuck and Ian Brennan.

The show opens up at a Kappa Kappa Tau party in 1995, where a pledge has given birth to a child in a bathtub and is left to die by her sister pledges, who would rather party than take care of her.

scream first death

Fast forward twenty years later and you’re back at the Kappa house. Except now the sorority is being forced to accept any and all applicants, no matter their popularity or ethnicity and where a murdering psychopath dressed in a red devil costume, is slowly murdering the girls from Kappa and anyone associated with them. The show centers mainly around this plot, with the girls trying to figure out who the killer is, while in the process revealing secrets about the Kappa sorority and its members. Between a vindictive and revengeful dean of the school, a viciously mean Kappa president and a cast of morally questionable people, you’re never really quite sure as to anyones innocence.

scream blood on wall

Scream Queens is American Horror Story meets Glee. Imagine a bunch of prissy, mean college students, enveloped in a world of murder and mystery.  The show wraps most of its humor around blatantly attacking ridiculous horror movie staples. For example, theres a scene where Chanel ( Emma Roberts) is attacked in her room by the red devil. She runs down the stairs to inform the rest of the sisters, who then decide to go back up the stairs to the room, to go see the murderer. Step in the black and obnoxiously loud security officer played by (Niece Nash), who questions their wanting to go back upstairs to where the killer is, instead of running out the front door. The show is basically one huge stereotype, which helps lend to the comedy.

scream red devil

Overall the show is funny and entertaining. My only question is, how long can it last for? We are only 5 episodes in and I’m already wondering if this is going to turn into a Pretty Little Liar scenario, where at the end of every season you think they’ve found the killer, only to have revealed in the next season, that its someone else. In addition, as the episodes go by, I grow more and more tired of the shows antics. I admit, its hilarious to watch the murderer text a Kappa member that he’s going to kill her, as he’s standing right in front of her. But you can only play off of that for so long.

It’s obvious that the show is aimed more towards pre-teens and teens, mainly due to all its pop culture references. Which will most likely keep it popular for some time. Although with already dwindling views, which is to be expected within the first few weeks of any show, as viewers get better acclimated with it.

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I wonder if Scream Queens will follow in American Horror Stories footsteps with ever increasing viewers as the seasons go, or will they fall to Glee’s, ever dwindling ratings from season to season.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m on Fox.

Post by: Raquel Justiniani