Burnt tells the story of Adam Jones ( Bradley Cooper), a world renowned cook who was at the top of his game and then threw it all away for drugs and alcohol.

After suffering a meltdown at his New Orleans restaurant, Jones, the now 2 michelin star chef loses it all. Its not until his business partner, played by Daniel Bruhl, offers him the chance to run the kitchen at his new restaurant in London, that Jones sets his goals on redeeming himself.

Most of the movie is centered around the idea of redemption and allowing yourself to accept help from others, which for Jones, comes in the form of old flames, new flames and culinary rivals.

The kitchen scenes are what mainly captures your attention. Its clear that the actors worked hard to prepare for their roles. their movements and techniques around the kitchen were natural. Not to mention that the production did an amazing job in how they framed and executed the kitchen scenes.

burnt brad

Overall the movie came off as a bit cliche. The acting was good, but things were just too predictable and the ending was so convenient that you almost wish it went the other way.

Burnt doesn’t fall under the must watch right now category, but a definite must watch at some point. The movie is enjoyable, you just have to get past all the cliche’s.

Post by: Raquel Justiniani