Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

The last installment of the paranormal activity series sets out to tie in all the lose ends, but as is to be expected the movie delivers a good climax and then just falls apart in the end. Theres nothing new to the series except for the added 3D release.

The movie follows the same guidelines as the previous ones. We start off with a loving family that is introduced to some sort of object, in this case a vintage camera and old videos, then slowly weird unexplainable things start to happen. At first only one person notices it, as the movie progresses more and more people start to experience it. Then you reach the point where everyone acknowledges that theres some sort of spirit entity stalking them, at which point they seek out religious help.

vintage videos

girl broken mirror

The scares are still there, even though they aren’t as effective as in the original movie, mainly cause we’re used to it by now. What they used to tie in all the movies works, but its nothing out of this world.

weird thing

Overall the movie is what its always been, theres nothing really new about it. If you’ve seen one then you’ve seen them all. It does manage to get really good towards the end, when everything is going crazy, but as usual it all just falls apart and you’re left wishing they would have ended the movie 10 minutes earlier.

If you’ve seen all the other ones, then might as well see this one, just so you can say you’ve seen them all. If you’ve never watched any of the paranormal activity movies then just watch the first two and stop there. No need to waste your money on the rest.

Post by: Raquel Justiniani