Walt Before Mickey

Walt Before Mickey is a biographical drama centered around the early years of Walt Disney’s animation career. The movie starts off with Walt’s return from the war, soon after he sets off to start his own animation company.

The film was set in 1920’s kansas City, Missouri,¬†where Walt created his first animation studio, Laugh-o-Grams. Here alongside Ub Iwerks, who would prove to be his most trusted friend, Walt began his long and not always successful career in animation.

laugh o gram

The movie was mainly shot in and around Deland and Orlando, Florida, not that you would notice, since the production did such a good job of setting the scenes to mimic what 1920’s Kansas City would have looked like.

walt on phone

What makes this movie special, is that it focuses on a time when Walt wasn’t as popular or successful as we all thought he always was.

walt before mickey

We’ve all heard the stories of when he created Mickey and Disneyland, but not many people know about the hardships he endured before he gained his success. Walt Before Mickey is a definite must watch for anyone who’s a fan of Walt Disney or the Disney franchises.

Post by: Raquel Justiniani